Manuel Jose Muros (Manny) is a student of life, an author, a metaphysical interpreter, and an avid spiritual teacher and practitioner.  He had a spiritual awakening in his mid-thirties, which completely transformed his life.

An entrepreneur his entire professional life, Manny founded and served as president of two corporations. He was also the founder and vice chairman of the board of the first public Montessori Charter School in Massachusetts. He holds a BS in Pharmacology and an MBA.

Manny is the founder of The Alnoba Peace Foundation and for 17 years, was the owner & Spiritual Director of the Yoga Center of Newburyport. He teaches Asana, Meditation and Yogic philosophy, leading workshops and retreats in the US and internationally.

Manny has three grown sons.  He lives in historical Newburyport, MA with his partner, Alise Ashby, an accomplished composer, songwriter, producer, and educator.



“Since my early childhood, I have known that there was more to life than meets the eye. I have always been intrigued by how life works, and the larger reasons for being. My life’s purpose became the study, practice, and teaching of spiritual practices that lead to self-awareness and self realization. 

There are many roads leading to our own center and it is my deepest desire to help others to become free: to break away from the limitations we place on ourselves and others and to fully blossom into the beautiful and divine being waiting to come out. 

Life is not simply meant to be endured - it can be a magical journey of exploration and celebration!”