Creating Freedom


Yoga is about creating freedom in our being! … Becoming unbound in our physical body, mental body, emotional body and energetic body.

Systematically releasing the physical and mental, conscious and subconscious patterns and beliefs that keep us trapped in unhealthy bodies, unhealthy relationships, unhappy lives.

There is an optimal way to being in alignment with the Universal energy and misalignments can be seen in our physical bodies, mental attitudes, levels of happiness, satisfaction with our lives. By consistently and methodically choosing to be in optimal alignment we can profoundly change the quality of our lives. 

There is an optimal skeletal/muscular structure to our bodies which allows for full range of motion, stability and strength, poise and grace. Through intelligent asana practice we can therapeutically retrain our physical body to move to its optimal state.  This optimal physical state allows energy to fully flow, which brings us to our natural state of health and well-being. 

Our physical bodies hold on to stress and negative emotions by becoming tight and rigid. We literally loose the freedom to move and respond in an open and full way. We have built these restrictions through a life time of living and facing the challenges that life brings our way. 

As yogis, from a a place of knowledge and safety, we move to change our patterns. We open our physical bodies through asana practice. we expand our energy body through breath work, we expand our framework of beliefs by studying yogic philosophy and we develop a direct experience of our divine self through meditation.  

Yoga offers a well lit path to move from pain, fear, anxiety and emptiness to optimal health, empowered being, and a sense of inner joy and contentment. How far you move along this spectrum is directly related to your level of desire and dedication to your own evolvement and transformation. There is a huge difference from doing yoga to becoming a yogi. It is a way of being in life that transports you to a whole new reality. 

Cultivating higher levels of freedom in your own being allows your most profound light to be expressed. Unbound creative energy expressed from a place of freedom and lightness of being is our birth right and our full potential.

Manny Muros