Moving Towards Silence


Silence is achieved once we align and eliminate friction in all aspects of ourselves. 

In our physical yoga practice we are always moving toward creating more freedom, stability and balance within our bodies. With time our postures develop a lightness and a beauty that transports us into a whole new reality. As everything comes into perfect alignment it allows our life force to move with strength, clarity and precision creating a “quiet” feeling within ourselves. There is a tangible stillness within the movement, a silence from within that brings out an expansive expression of ourselves. 

As we lower the quantity and volume of our distractions we move toward deeper levels of silence, levels of stillness, levels of awareness. This silence is one of the greatest gifts of Yoga.

Our bodies are constantly communicating with their aches and pains when things are not in perfect alignment and optimum health. Our worries, desires, and fears, all create a separation from being fully engaged in the present moment. I call this separation the noise that distorts the stillness and beauty inherent in each moment.

In our meditation practice we slowly move toward being more present with what is occurring within ourselves. We blend with the ebb and flow of each breath, we become observers of the workings of the mind, our focus deepens within and we begin to experience the sounds behind the sounds, to see beyond our eyes, to know beyond our intellect. The distractions of life stay on the surface as we dive into the stillness deep within ourselves. 

Rumi states that “silence is the language of God”. As we quiet the distractions of our mind and body we enter the stillness that allows us to know our deeper spirit self, our true nature. Our true nature can never leave us, however, we tend to bury it with all the outer noise.

Through the process of becoming more present, through silence and contemplation, we can become aware of all the stories, distractions and misalignments that interfere with the peace and joy inherent within us. The better we know ourselves, the more influence we can have over our thoughts and actions. More control leads to more harmony which leads to more silence which allows for more self awareness. It is a cycle that supports our spiritual evolvement.

It takes dedicated and focused effort to move into that stillness and silence. We just need to be fully present to navigate, live and experience the life we are living. 


Manny Muros