Right Company


All wisdom traditions and religions emphasize community in some way. The Catholic Parish, Yoga Kula, Buddhist Shanga, are all meant to cultivate a sense of unity, shared values, way of being in the world. 

Our cultural sayings also point to a similar truth; “birds of the same feather fly together”, “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”.

I like to think of this from the perspective of energy and resonance which is the way in which the Universe organizes things. We have attraction, repulsion and neutrally to people, situations, things… Someone you don’t know may enter a crowded room and you will feel a connection without knowing why. It might be an attraction or a repulsion, strong or weak, but there is something in them that you intuitively feel in you and then we use our minds to analyze and interpret what that is. 

As we start spiritual practices we begin to change our energy, our vibration, our resonance. We do practice to connect with deeper levels of our own being. These levels offer us a sense of peace and well-being, a harmony and integrity within ourselves and they slowly polish and change us. 

Many times our eating habits will change, we begin to find new activities that we now prefer and new people that we enjoy their company…. These changes many times can cause discomfort with our partners and our old friends. We are changing and they are used to the old you…. subconsciously and energetically a new relationship has to be created that takes into account who you are becoming. During these transition periods you will feel friction and their need to hold you back from this new version of yourself you are just discovering.  

It is really helpful to receive the support of spending time and simply being with people who are also on the path. They are doing the work to shift and refine their own being and are vibrating at the higher vibration that you are also working to acquire and maintain. They will understand your challenges, support your efforts, applaud your changes. 

Over these many years at the Yoga Center we have created a very peaceful, respectful, and supportive community of practitioners. There is grounded spiritual energy cultivated through years of dedicated practice which can be easily felt upon entering. It is a sanctuary holding an energy that will support your inner growth. Come and see how your being feels within our walls. 


Manny Muros