The Colors We Carry


We tend to be worried about all the things we can not control. And therefore, we don't need to either worry nor control these things….  We also tend to pay very little attention to the things we actually can and should control, mainly, the colors, the vibration we carry!

We are entities fundamentally composed of molecules moving in wavelike form in space and time. We have physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies creating a certain vibration which is the primary way in which we interact/communicate with the world. The words we say are only about 15% of how we communicate. We really speak with a vibrational voice. 

Just like we have one of a kind fingerprints, we are also completely unique in the vibration we carry. There is no one else in the Universe just like you!

If we have our thoughts, feelings and actions all in agreement there is integrity, which leads to clarity and purpose in our being…. We clearly express what we desire and very directly move to manifest it. If we have competing messages between these different parts of our being, there is no clarity nor force with which to manifest into reality.

By creating greater integration, harmony, and alignment of our bodies we can refine our vibration and create a higher state of wellbeing for ourselves and those around us. We can choose the “feeling state” we would like to be in and we can choose to hold the feeling state on all our different bodies, both of these actions are what we can truly actively control. 

Therefore our primary focus is to be placed on our “being” state. Instead of looking to control the outer world we can work on controlling the quality of our breath, of our thoughts, of our actions and our emotions. By refining our own being we are in an empowered position from which to engage with life. We create a place of clarity, integrity and precision which easily blends with the reality of the present moment. As you and the outer world come into alignment, friction and conflict are eliminated from your life. A state of inner peace and harmony is created. 

If we set time aside each day to tend to our own wellbeing we will be creating a profound change not only in ourselves but it will also ripple out to the whole world. All change starts from within and the practices are fairly simple. It does take desire, time, and effort to develop the mental focus, inner-knowing, awareness and mindfulness to become fully empowered of your own being, of the quality of your vibration, of the colors you are carrying. 

Our outer world is only a reflection of our inner world. Peace, health, love, happiness, joy, abundance, etc. are all created from within. Spending our days in fear and anxiety over our uncertain future is a futile path. 

As we develop this inner strength and grounding life becomes this beautiful adventure to explore and experience. We welcome every day with the enthusiasm and delight of a child ready to explore the gifts inherent in each moment. The outer landscape changes but our inner being remains constant and vibrant.

Manny Muros