Yoga's Purpose & Power


The original teachings of Yoga, handed down by Saints and Masters, were for the total liberation of our ego’s cycle of life, death, and reincarnation. 

Over the last couple of hundred years we have separated Yoga from its primary intention and looked at only its positive side benefits. Some do Yoga for its physical benefits, others for stress release… the typical comment is, “I like how I feel after class.” This is all well and good, except that we are leaving behind 95% of its potential. 

We are using Yoga to help us function slightly better in this incredibly dysfunctional world. We use it therapeutically for all that ails us. We have a very watered down use for this gift from the Sages. 

Yoga is about total transformation and liberation. It is revolution that brings down the tyranny of the ego-mind and gives us direct connection to our higher soul being. It is here to break us free from our constant state of fear and separation and bring us to a state of being that is at rest in love and harmony with all there is. Don't settle for anything less!

The mystics and great teachers of all our religions speak of this state of being that the yogis created a detailed path for attaining it. The highest truth is the same, each master describes his particular journey and experience within this enlightened state. 

A radical revolution is waiting within you that will bring Heaven to Earth.  The change comes from within and its calling you to come home. To move beyond the distortions of your outer desires to the stillness and deep joy that lives within us.


Manny Muros