Our True Nature

dance-tree of life.jpg

In deep meditation I had this clear experience of the role we play as co-creators of our shared reality. We are the doorway between the pure potential of our creative minds and what we decide to bring to life. 

Through the thoughts we have, the words we say, and the actions we take, we bring infinite potential to a finite expression. We flavor and decorate our days by the emotions we choose to carry and express.

With each breath, in every moment, we are expressing the life force that lives through us, as us. Our inner world gets created in our outer world. It is all interconnected as energetic expressions. 

In the same way, our bodies are a more physical expression of what is transpiring in our mental and emotional bodies. How we look, feel, walk, and sit is a direct reflection of our inner being. 

For an “unaware” person this happens subconsciously as we remain  preoccupied with the concerns of the day. The stories from our past and our fears of the unknown future dictate the reality we create. Each day gives us slightly different versions of the same old story. 

By cultivating silence and stillness in ourselves we are able to perceive this creative process. We gain the opportunity to create a different reality by having the ability of choosing a different inner dialogue. 

At our deepest potential we are able to become a clear crystal channel off Divine pure light. Our thoughts and emotions are aligned and in service to our higher self. We live in the love and joy inherent in each moment. 

Manny Muros