A Call For Independent Thinking



We are living in unprecedented times, when our technology is expanding at an amazing pace and at the same time we are moving further away from the innate wisdom of a shared humanity. In our narrow perspectives we are not able to see the interconnectedness of our political systems, economic systems, ecological challenges, human migration and economic disparity. All of these unhealthy and destructive systems are a reflection of the shared human consciousness. 

Change is a constant in life and embracing the changes as they arrive is a very healthy way to engage with reality. The important thing is to recognize that part of embracing change, is that we need to see it with fresh eyes and not try to force the new into the old paradigm. To evolve in a healthy way one must be willing to let go of old ways of thinking and sit in the “unknown” to assimilate the integration of our evolution.

It is important to recognize that we have shared societal myths and beliefs that are not factually true, but we don’t question them because they have become a part of our unconscious belief systems. We are blindly making decisions from incorrect assumptions. 

It is imperative that we step back and look at the insanity of many of our human behaviors and look for the most direct way of breaking this cycle in which we find ourselves. 

In the past century we have created an incredible amount of wealth in the industrialized countries, but in the pursuit of the external we have lost track of our most important human traits: 

1. There is an incredible disconnect with the planet and other forms of life. 

2. Our sense of family, community, and responsibility for the wellbeing of others has declined.

3. Drowning in facts, we have lost our innate wisdom and our innate awareness of right and wrong that goes beyond expediency, religion, and morality.

One can see that the underlying foundational issue in all of our institutions is fear and greed and its need for control, created from a false sense of lack and separation. We have lost our democracy to the corruptive power of money in our governments; money in the election cycles, and with lobbyists on legislation. The common good is being completely lost in the political battles over power and corporate/personal benefits.

Our economic systems are set up in a way that it is very hard to satisfy our basic human needs. Due to our dependance on consumption, our companies and institutions work hard to make humanity crave for outer things. This creates an endless cycle of feeling unworthy and needing to “consume” in order to “improve” oneself to become valuable. 

Our products are being designed with an ever shorter life span, becoming quickly outdated, creating a false need for their replacement. We value the strength of our countries by the amount of goods we produce/sell - GDP, making consumption a top priority, without taking into account the real cost to the planet. 

Our public companies have as their top priority, to increase shareholders’ profit. The companies need to constantly grow to satisfy the investors - the wealthiest individuals on the planet. Constant artificially generated growth and greater income for the wealthiest is not the best option for humanity. 

Without an adequate safety net in our society, there is a baseline level of fear and anxiety. The majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, not having enough saved for retirement and with uncertainty around healthcare needs. This causes us to live from a place of lack and fear which trickles into all of the unhealthy patterns of our society - drug dependency, obesity, chronic illnesses, all influenced by the level of hidden stress.

Our global economic model is set up in a way that those on top will always exploit those further down the line. We exploit natural resources from the poorest countries, we set up factories in places with the lowest wages, we do everything in our power to maximize profits and deliver value to the richest consumer by minimizing income to those that produce the products. 

We have devastated so many parts of the world that we now have a self-created human migration from those countries toward the more industrialized nations creating greater racial tensions and unrest. 

The world is being seen and managed from a level of evolution of a toddler. It is all about “me” without the maturity to share, respect, and  play well together. 

While this may all seem overwhelming and unfixable, it is important to know that our responsibility is to bring light to these issues. We must look with a sober mind at the false foundation from which the majority of the world is functioning and allow a higher truth to sprout, based on the light and fertile ground we create by our own awareness. 

Acknowledging that there are fundamental problems in our society, by bringing honest dialogue, we will channel the creative divine energy in a way that allows us to envision a higher perspective and the steps to correct our situation. 

By shifting our perspective we create a new reality. We live in a world made up of lower vibration relative truths and our job is to raise the conversation to a position closer to absolute truth, divine truths.  

Science tells us of how much untapped potential exists in just our human mind. We access a minute percentage of our potential, which is why we have such a limited perspective of our reality and rely on the myths and manipulated stories offered by those in power. 

Awakening our own potential and shedding light on the false narratives will create a new reality from which to solve todays problems. They feel insurmountable from the perspective that we see them today, however, from our expansive self, the solutions will be clearly seen. 

Most of our wisdom teachings have references around the wisdom of the “middle path”- the paths of moderation. There are many good and important qualities in the forces that shape our societies, they are simply out of balance. For example the forces that drive a free economy are great for quickly redistributing resources as needed. The forces of socialism guide us to make sure we are taking care of the needs of our citizens. The respect and protection for our natural environment helps us sustain our planet for future generations. What we need are humans that balance the opposing forces in a way that are harmonious in their tension. 

For example a corporation needs to be responsible for its bottom line, as it needs to be sustainable. It also needs to take responsibility for its employees and their welfare as it also needs to be socially responsible to the community in which it exists. As our companies have grown into international powerhouses, they have lost all sense of community and balance in the pursuit of profits. 

We humans are what make up our companies, our governments, and institutions. Creating a shared narrative and understanding of what it truly means to be successful and what it takes to maintain wellbeing in all aspects of our lives and society, is what is needed at this time. 

We have pillars that make up our lives and those pillars must be properly weighted and balanced. Work, family, community, food, exercise, joy, relaxation are all ingredients of a healthy life. 

Since we are the foundation of all our institutions, our focus is best given to the evolvement of the human species. We can all agree on what constitutes good and wise qualities in ourselves and others, and we know first hand how difficult it can be to do what we know in our hearts to be true. It takes work and evolution to cultivate a place of peace, love, and stillness within oneself to be in a position to balance opposing forces in our lives. 


THE INVITATION  - To Awaken & Learn to Trust our Inner Guidance

It is by this inner work of human evolution that we can correct the misguided ways in which we as humans have been engaging and destroying our world. 

We need to see ourselves as we truly are, if we are to use all the tools that are available to us. We tend to see things as either black or white (polarity) and we need to see life as shades of gray. We are always swinging like a pendulum, but somehow focusing on the extreme ends of the swing. 

It is in coming together and seeing all of our facets as part of the One, that we can fully become integrated, whether it is in ourselves or within the outer world. 

The foundation of this work is in recognizing that we are always both human and spiritual. Learning to cultivate the inner state that harmonizes these two aspects of ourselves, will bring an inner contentment to our basic needs and free us from the “hypnotic state” that is holding us hostage to our misguided political and economic systems.

We have a narrative that believes that we are all separate from one another and from the world we inhabit. We are blind to the interconnectedness of all beings. We all share the same energy field and our thoughts, actions, and emotions move through all of reality. All of creation has a holistic synergy within its parts. 

Fundamentally, the interpretations of our mind create an overlay that distort how we perceive the truth in each moment. We see every situation through the filters of our mind. We prejudge people and situations. We project the past into the future. We live in the narrative of our individual perceptions. The antidote for this way of living is the spiritual practice that allows us to pierce the veil of ignorance and separation conjured up by our minds. 

By the practices of Mindful Meditation, we train ourselves to recognize what our senses are experiencing in each moment, and can see what our minds are overlaying over the situation. Through the practices of Insight Meditation, we question our assumptions and look for present moment direct experience to bring light to any and all situations. Through these practices we can start to see the conscious and subconscious patterns that are blindly guiding our lives and we can become wise and independent thinkers, taking our place as aware co-creators of our lives. 

We are not our bodies nor our personalities. We have a body and a personality from which to experience and contribute to our shared world. Our job is to continually cleanse, purify, and refine our ego to allow more of our divine light to express itself through us. We minimize our distortions by aligning ourselves to the gentle flow of divine nature. 

By silencing the constant overlay of our thinking mind, we can hear and feel the source energy that sustains all of life. Reaching this level of oneness creates a total sense of self love and interconnectedness to the whole of reality, that will inherently sooth our sense of lack and fear and lead us to a healthy relationship with our world. 

Through our inner work it becomes easier to recognize the delicate balance between all the aspects that are our lives. We can make holistic choices that bring harmony to ourselves and our shared world.

As humans it is imperative that we cultivate our higher qualities. We need to respect and support each other, become more aware of the affects our actions have on the planet and each other. We must question the direction of our lives, our communities, our companies, our governments, and bring some wisdom and common sense to humanity. 

We must be willing to see things differently, help others expand their perspectives and become an active part of the shift of consciousness so needed at this time in human history. From this deep place within ourselves we can become true leaders with a genuine voice that can “speak truth to power” and bring constructive action to solve today’s problems. 

“If you can see the hand of God in all that surrounds you, If you can taste his fragrance in all the beauty of Nature, If you can see his soul in the eyes of a new born baby and in the wise old lady… If you can do that, you will be living in God’s kingdom and Heaven”. - Manny Muros

© Copyright 2019

Manny Muros