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#metoo: A Unified Perspective

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It’s not a BUT, it's an AND. Women AND men, AND transgender individuals, AND all sexual orientations included.

#metoo is really about no longer accepting abuse, bullying, oppression and/or violence from ANY gender, sexual orientation, and/or background as part of our "culture".
It's time to come together as a unified community to discuss the #metoo issues from an inclusive and grounded perspective that can bring healing and support.

Please join us to create a compassionate, community-driven movement and proactive conversation to reprogram what we know as healthy behaviors, communication, and interactions within our culture.

This event will be co-facilitated by Manny Muros and Kerri Morrison.
To learn more about Manny and the work he does, visit: To learn more about Kerri and the work that she does, visit:

This is a FREE event - There is limited seating. Please RSVP your ticket to ensure your spot at this event.

Held at Yoga Center of Newburyport, 12 Maple Street, Newburyport

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