Guiding Philosophy

The teachings have been formulated from Manny’s own “spiritual awakening” and his twenty five plus years of meditation, wisdom teachings and spiritual practices.

Manny’s book, The Other Side of Me - a Journey into the Mystical and the Gems Revealed, serves as a foundation of what is possible in our human evolution.

Fundamentally we are simply vibrations. Understanding reality as the vibrational field, guides our whole existence.

Those vibrations are created by the thoughts and emotions we carry. When we silence the mind, we begin to vibrate with the music of nature, the music of Spirit, the music of love.

By deepening our understanding and developing mastery of these two foundational teachings we are able to shift our awareness for profound inner change.



The Inner Tools

Manny teaches the inner tools that allow us to engage with the world from a higher perspective.

In order to achieve “Peace in Action”, we must cultivate the qualities of peace, harmony, love and compassion within ourselves. Only from this place can we see the world with proper eyes!

Our practice includes:

  1. Meditation

  2. Wisdom Teachings

  3. Physical Grounding

  4. Breath Work

If we don’t create change in ourselves, if we don’t have peace, harmony, wellbeing, abundance, joy and stillness within ourselves, we cannot create it in the world. It will be a “false” expression.

It is through an understanding of who we are, how we co-create through our minds overlay, and a holistic understanding of creation, that we can find our place in this world and learn to see and enjoy the beauty inherent in our lives. 

This inner transformation is what creates the shift in perspective. The shift is in one’s version of oneself.  It is not an external manifestation, but an internal perception, which then changes the external world.

Understanding the teachings is not enough. They must live in us.



 The Science that informs the Teachings

    1. We are energy and vibration

    2. We are interconnected

    3. Our outer world is an expression of our inner world

    4. Balancing the human with the divine

    5. Cultivating Present Moment Awareness

    6. Embracing change as our natural state



Peace in Action

What shift in perspective will bring Peace and Harmony to our world?

We must see the interconnectedness of all beings -- that we are not separate from each other or anything else on the planet -- that we are a part of the fabric that makes us whole. 

Because we have created all of the systems that challenge us (political, economic, industrial) we are the ones that can change them. 

Misalignment with our natural world is the cause of all our issues. Being in harmony with the life force of creation and love is what creates Peace.

When we create a vision that values all of creation as equal partners, we create peace and harmony in every situation.