Cultivating Silence

silence landscape.jpg

  • Mindfulness, walking meditation, breath, affirmations

  • Developing the witness/observer consciousness

  • Mind controls everything so we must learn to operate mind

  • Cultivating Present Moment Awareness - Being State

Cultivating Integrity


  • Embracing our shadow sides

  • Living our highest potential

  • Listening to our north star / inner guidance

  • You run the world from the inside out

  • Living in service to a higher purpose

Honest & Courageous Communication

buddha reflection.jpg

  • First with ourselves, then with others

  • Listen to understand - a state of always learning

  • Embracing “unknowing”

  • Truth is relative. It is always evolving with our level of understanding

  • Facts vs Perspective

Moving Through Fear

moving through fear.jpg

  • Creating a sense of safety/stability

  • In alignment and integrity there is nothing to fear. Life will sustain you. You are in the flow

  • All love begins with self love & acceptance

  • Cultivating the qualities you want to embody - baby steps

Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving


  • Understanding what really does matter to us - the foundational truth within basic human needs.

  • From a safe and supportive environment, learning to listen with a desire to understand another’s perspective.

  • Feeling safe, heard and valued in order to soften the hard boundaries that we create.

  • Understanding the potential motives which are driving another’s actions. What fundamental need is being protected?

  • The stronger, the wiser, the more mature have the greatest responsibility for creating the environment that another can step into.

  • We are all responsible for expressing our thoughts in a way that another is able to understand, expressing our perspective in logical ways that speak to the higher objective.

  • Start a dialogue from the highest goal in which we can all agree upon, and as we work through the options for achieving those goals, we see what is mutually acceptable.

  • Be open to arriving at a new perspective - allow for “Not Knowing” so a new perspective can arise.