Manny is one of the most loved yoga teachers to so many that have been blessed to be part of his practice. I have had a great opportunity to practice yoga all around the world and it always amazes me that Manny’s foundational teachings come with me wherever I go. The ability to integrate asana practice with the philosophical practice of yoga is inspirational. His teaching brings light to how our practice shows up in our being, in our behavior, and our relationships. It is truly the most powerful work one can experience. And the invitation to let our heart shine and always remember to smile travels with me everywhere I go. It is a gift I consider as a kiss on the forehead from Manny .
— Susan Ledger Ferraro

I have been so fortunate to have Manny as my yoga and meditation teacher for the past several years, and I have had many positive shifts from his teachings in those settings. Before I started going to the Yoga Center regularly I was going through a very challenging time in my life. Even though I didn’t know him very well then, as I was boarding a plane to come home from a disastrous business meeting and feeling like my life was falling apart, I thought, I need to talk to Manny. He helped me to shift my perspective, seeing through the illusions, and helped me find a grounded place of knowing that I already had everything I needed. As my vibration shifted through these sessions my life shifted, and things began to fall into place. I now live a joyful life that I absolutely love. I am so grateful that we are on this Earth together—thank you Manny!
— Gwen Irwin

Manny has a beautiful gift. He has the natural ability to uncannily and compassionately heal others with his words. Beyond that, he leads with an uncommon grace through his insight and fairness.
In the years I have known Manny, I have witnessed how instrumental he has been and continues to be in my spiritual growth as well as in the ascension of many others.
— Karen Roberts

I am so thankful for Manny’s teaching. His wisdom is grounded in his own experience of life and of practicing yoga for so many years.
He is able to recognize that each student is at a different place in their own development, yet he stays true to himself in sharing what he’s learned with anyone who he may be able to help.

Practicing yoga with Manny’s guidance has changed my life. I have the tendency to focus on my thoughts and emotions rather than my body, so each time I practice yoga with Manny I find myself relaxed, grounded and more able to stay in the present moment. He has certainly helped me and provided me with an inspiring example of living life with the primary focus of alignment of
body, mind and spirit.
Manny often points out how the way in which we engage in the postures on the yoga mat, mirrors the way we engage with the world. He invites us to explore our limitations and our strengths in the context of the safe space of yoga class in order to develop greater self-awareness and freedom from habitual patterns in our everyday lives.
— Reina Smoley-Balog,